The Raconteurs Merilis Album + Single Baru Dan Memperkuat Alibi Bahwa Jack White Adalah Dewa!

Di bulan Juni ini, The Raconteurs yang terdiri dari Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence dan Patrick Keeler,  secara resmi merilis album terbaru mereka, “Help Us Stranger”

Dari album ini, ada 3 lagu yang telah dirilis  yaitu  ‘Hey Gyp’  (Dig The Slowness), ‘Now That You’re Gone’ dan ‘Sunday Driver’.

“Help Us Stranger” menyajikan album yang berisi materi yang lebih kuat dari pemenang Grammy Award Band Rock Terbaik ini. 

The Raconteurs membawa rock ‘n’ roll melintasi ruang dan waktu, menyatukan berbagai riff yang luar biasa,  serta memadukan kekuatan blues, psychedelia, Detroit funk dan Nashville soul melalui nyanyian tanpa kompromi Benson dan White yang menjadi kekuatan dari band ini,

Menyambut album terbaru mereka, The Raconteurs juga merilis single terbaru yang berjudul ‘Bored and Razed’ 

Apa kata media tentang album ini?

“It’s a scorcher. It’s a sizzler. It’s a barn burner.” -Jack Black

“An album of eccentric, self-aware romanticism.” – The Wall Street Journal

MOJO – ★★★★ 

“It doesn’t feel like that long since the group’s sophomore set because the ease with which they fall into these songs, picking up where they left off on 2008’s Consolers Of The Lonely, shows the four piece has a connection that may transcend the music.” – American Songwriter

“The new material seamlessly picks up where the band left off,  though with a more polished and urgent sound.” – Billboard

“The Raconteurs have made an album of what are, relatively, straight-up bangers…   It actually reaches out: the cover shows a green pedestrian crossing light hand waiting to be taken…
With tune after tune, this third Raconteurs outing is a blast.” – The Guardian

“[HELP US STRANGER is a] vital, vintage, but inventive rock record… There’s no shortage of invention  and genre mashes to prick up the ears here.” – Uncut (★★★★)

“There’s no better contemporary rock example of two halves of a songwriting duo, like John Lennon and Paul McCartney, uncannily counterbalancing the other’s strengths and weaknesses than White and singer-songwriter Brendan Benson.” – Slant Magazine

“HELP US STRANGER is Jack White and Brendan Benson’s love letter to classic rock… There’s a sense of defiant obstinacy and outright mischief that sets The Raconteurs outside music’s regular continuum. 

Whatever’s in the water in that quantum realm they’ve been hiding in, it’s working.” – Q (★★★★)

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